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Free Plugins :



  • Some sites related to plugins :
  • Filter Meister: Tool i used to realize my plugins. It's addictive and very powerful, unlike the older Filter Factory and Filter Formula. Its language is inspired of C.
  • Xero Plugins: Several free plugins realized with Filter Meister. Very Nice.
  • The Plugin Site: Offers valuable plugins (Some are free). Interesting resources to help you to choose or to use plugins. Also a great newsletter.
  • Cybia: Offers many free plugins. Each one allows multiple variations with these effects: transparency, color, edge, emboss and grid.
  • Plugins World: Huge directory for Adobe & Apple plugins. Quickly find what you need.
  • To play:
  • Zelda Classic: (free) Zelda fans, get immediately this software! Default quest (or game) is just the tip of the iceberg. To get other quests i recommend the site Pure Zelda Classic.
  • JoyToKey 3.7.9: (free) Some Video Games do not recognize the game pad or joypad. With this utility it will never be a problem.
  • Miscellaneous:
  • Meazure:(free) A too useful tool! Allows to measure distances and angles on the screen.

Free pictures:

  • Morguefile: free high resolution digital stock photography for either corporate or public use. Use the search engine and find almost anything that could suit your creative projects.
  • Imageafter: through a large photo collection, you can perform an "abstract search" i.e find photos by brightness, contrast, crispness...
  • Free Images from Kodak: Many sites use them as a standard test suite for compression testing, etc.
  • Public domain image resources: Wikipedia help you to find free images too...

Graphics etc ...

  • Good-Tutorials: Huge amount of tutorials for Photoshop. Use the website's search engine to quickly find a tutorial.
  • Deviant Art: Imagine a website, with thousand of artists overflowing with imagination...


  • UMFM: Looking for good radios (streaming) ? A directory of quality radios, without any ads and free.
  • Stumbleupon lets you search, browse, review and share great sites. You'll be surpised by this tool! Discover so easily, new interesting websites. And by taking a look to people who likes theses websites you'll be able to discover again new websites and so on ...

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