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Zoom Engine 1.2
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Zoom Engine is a Photoshop-compatible plugin for enlarging images. Easy to use and with a great versatility, it is able to handle a wide range of images, while offering results higher than common or even specialized tools. With Zoom Engine you have access to a set of effective enlargement methods, including a unique and intelligent method, called CZ2b, for achieving enlargements that look crisp and detailed, and that even starting from very small images or of poor quality!

New in version 1.2: The CZ2 algorithm has been tweaked and replaced by CZ2b. Basically the new algorithm handle better high frequencies content, and gives sligthly more regular edges. Also the interface is a bit better.

Zoom Engine works in two steps:
1increase canvas of your picture to the final size you wish.
2launch the plugin, that's all!
We have a freeware that works a similar way: Quick Mirror.

  • Zoom Engine has among others, the following features:
  • High quality method CZ2b.
  • Lanczos and Blackman interpolations with the kernel radius you wish.
  • Customizable bicubic method!
  • Can be used for batch processing.
  • Supports 16bits mode.

Comparisons with CZ2b: On this page, thumbnails of 4 test images used. To see original pictures and enlargements, click on each corresponding links below. You can also directly browse the folder containning these images (by clicking left icon).

First two illustrations:

Image Villianc
Image Ganesh

Now two photos:

Image Barbecue
Image Show Fish

Zoom Engine is a shareware. Full Version costs 35$.
Sales are disabled, until 64 bit support becomes available (hopefully during this year).

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