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Quick Mirror & Pattern 1.1

Photoshop provides all the necessary tools to proceed to a symmetry. However it can turn out boring. With Quick Mirror, it will take you 2 seconds!

New in Version 1.1: The behavior of Quick Mirror has been slightly modified, and it comes now bundled with the new plugin Quick Pattern: similar behavior, but without symmetry. Both plugins appears now in the sub menu "Mehdi 2".

Difference of Quick Mirror between 1 and 1.1: Unless the width/height of canvas is an exact multiple of the width/height of mirrored area, the pixels on the symetries axis won't be repeated.

Version 1
Version 1.1

Let's get back to Quick Mirror related explanations: to be able to work, a free area ( a zone with a sole colour) has to be next or surround the basic part. See illustration below:

And here's the result:

Here's another example: (below) Note that it works also with a transparent zone. Note also how the big free spaces are processed.


  • To proceed quickly, just before making a symmetry, i suggest three methods:
  • Increase canvas size.
  • Select the zone you wish, and do a layer via copy (Photoshop: Ctrl + J)
  • Select the zone you wish, invert the selection (Photoshop: Shift+Ctrl+I) then erase (Suppr). Do not forget to deselect (Photoshop: Ctrl +D).

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