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HSL Plus 1.1
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  • HSL Plus 1.1 is similar to the traditional hue/saturation/luminosity balance, but with some "Plus":
  • A better colour integrity, especially for the luminosity.
  • A better control of the luminosity, notably the possibility of modifying contrast.
  • The possibility of making an automatic contrast (due to the Auto button) then of re-adjusting.
  • Four Out of Gamut Clipping methods (click here for explanations).

New in version 1.1 : Feature a new clipping method "Recommended V2". The old V1 method was discarding too much of luminosity information. The new method is a better compromise between V1 and plain desaturation.

Example 1: Here, we made a simple rotation of the tint of 180 °. Compare the two results below.

Original image
HSL Plus

Example 2: Here we pressed the Auto button , then set the saturation to level 50.


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